Thanks to the Idaho Community Foundation, Chuck Tacke, Avenues for Hope Housing Challenge, Riverside Elementary School, Treasure Valley YMCA, and the Students of Bishop Kelly High School

Posted by Ben Skinner on Friday, February 24, 2012

It has been a great month for OATHS.  We have received help from numerous organizations and have been able to help more and more homeless students.

Thanks to the Idaho Community Foundation and their Southwest Idaho Competitive Grant Cycle, OATHS has received grants from the Sara Maas Fund ($1,000) the Marilyn and Rex Dorman Fund ($250) The Fund For Joe’s Kids ($1,000) and the Kissler Family Foundation Philanthropic Gift fund ($1,000).  Special thanks to Lauren Tassos and her guidance during the grant process.

Special thanks also to Chuck Tacke, a teacher at Bishop Kelly High School.  He was awarded the Marie D. Hoff Social Justice Award and as part of the honor was given $250 to donate to the non-profit of his choice.  He chose OATHS!

OATHS was also invited to participate in the Avenues for Hope Campaign in November and December. The Avenues for Hope Housing Challenge campaign is presented by the Home Partnership Foundation to encourage direct community investments that will support shelters and safe housing for Idaho’s homeless and most disadvantaged. As a result of the campaign OATHS was presented with a check for $500.

Riverside Elementary School in Boise has decided to make OATHS the benefactor of their spring fund raising project.  I will be giving a presentation to the students on February 28th to kick off their drive and am excited to meet with the students and tell them about OATHS.  They plan to raise money and collect items that OATHS frequently provides for homeless kids including pencils, pens, zip binders, calculators, socks, and backpacks.  Thank you Scott and Becky Elder and the students at Riverside!

The students of Bishop Kelly collect money during Lent as part of their Pennies From Heaven campaign run by the Student Campus Ministers.  This spring they have chosen to split the funds they raise between HAITI and OATHS.  Thanks to my fellow Knights!

Thanks also to the Treasure Valley YMCA and Jim Everett for inviting OATHS to participate in State Advocacy Day at the Idaho State Capitol on Monday February 27th. This event provides the opportunity for the YMCAs, and their partners like OATHS, to showcase the many exciting programs that are affecting the lives of all Idahoans. I am excited about the possibility of getting to talk with legislators, political leaders, and governmental officials about OATHS. 

This past month we have helped homeless kids in new and different ways.  OATHS provided new tires for a high school girl whose tires were so bald that her car was unsafe to drive to school and her job.  We provided funds for a student who wanted to go on his school choir trip, but was unable to raise enough money.  OATHS also provided  yearbooks for two students who worked all year on the yearbook staff at their school, but