How You Can Help

Laptop Computer DonationsHere are several ways you can help:

  1. Sponsor a student:
    - Peer Sponsor: Take an oath to help a homeless student get what he or she needs to enjoy, succeed, and stay in school.
    - School Challenge Program: Challenge other schools to help homeless students in their area.
    - Mentor Program: Take an Oath to be a mentor, tutor, or friend to a homeless student.
    - Parent Sponsor Program: Parents can take an oath to provide homeless students support for educational success.

  2. Corporate donations: Companies can take an oath to help homeless students by providing funds and services that homeless students need to be successful (i.e, backpacks, calculators, laptops, athletic equipment, musical equipment, and funds for special programs like drivers education.)

  3. Foundation grants: OATHS will be applying for grants to fund their vision: Homeless students will suffer no disadvantage as a result of the conditions in which they live.

  4. Partnerships with activity centers such as YMCA